Monday, October 19, 2009

The Great Estate Communities Of Ansley Park-Then And Now

Inman Circle 2007-Ansley Park

Inman Circle 1911-Ansley Park

The Homes and Estates Of Ansley park vary from Bungalows to true Mansions. Prices range from the $400's to over 3 Million.

It is interesting to journey the streets in the Ansley Park Neighborhood. Some streets remain historic while others have a more eclectic feel of old and new.
See the photos below the see the different styles and notice along the same street, there may be a generational change.

Avery Drive-Home Built 2008

Avery Drive-Home Built In 1920


Beverly Road-2004 Ansley Park Home

Beverly Road-1910-1930 Ansley Park Home

A bit of history about Ansley Park

Ansley Park is on the National Register of Historic Places as "Atlanta's First Automobile Suburb."

Ansley Park is now part of Midtown, a designation coined in 1972 for the area roughly between North Avenue and Perishing Point, Monroe Drive and Georgia Tech.

Originally the land know as Ansley Park, was farm land owned by the Collier family. In 1904, Edwin P. Ansley began developing the land, which at first was called Peachtree Garden.

The Prado-2005 Ansley Park

The Prado-1910-1930 Ansley Park

The original layout included gardens and the golf course and polo fields which is now called the private, Ansley Golf Club, founded in 1912.

Since its humble beginnings there has been quite a lot of development. One of the historic buildings built in 1923, is the Reid House.

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Park Lane 2008-Ansley Park Estate

Park Lane 1910-1930-Ansley Park Estate


Westminster Drive-2003 Ansley Park Home

Westminster Drive-1910-1930 Ansley Park Home